Today the old school house has been beautifully restored to become the site of culinary contentment. The Deck Patio is now where patrons linger over their menu selections. In the Dining Rooms, our attentive staff trained in the tradition of fine dining, our elegant surroundings and superb cuisine provide an incomparable eating experience.

Klaus Mueller has been the award-winning chef at The School Fine Dining for 10 years, and is a true culinary artisan. A Master of the Classics, his discerning clientele return repeatedly to enjoy the highly prized USDA Prime beef and for the year-round access to authentic lobster.

Nick Zarafonitis is the purveyor of the fine dining experience at The School and has owned it for 21 years. He heads an ensemble of natural-born perfectionists, whether they are in the kitchen or at the front of the house. Attentive, uninterrupted dining room service, every menu item carefully reviewed, Nick maintains the high classic culinary standards, and at the same time, is expanding The School’s facilities with such new additions as the very enjoyable outdoor patio service.

Unionville’s exceptional culinary destination.